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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Screaming Silence

The Screaming Silence (a poem)
by David Edgren

I screamed into the night
I called out to the dark
I yelled to the hills
but my arrow missed its mark

I wish that I could find you
in the darkness shining
but loneliness and silence
on my hopes are dining

Where is the God I was promised
the one who stays through thick and thin
where is the God who answers
the calls of shouting men

It seems that I've been screaming
for days and days on end
I'll have to stop my calling
and allow my voice to mend

Slowly my voice tapers to silence
my throat throbs pounding pain
I sit on a rock under the trees
then I hear it simple and plain

A voice trickles through the silence
gently it whispers so fine
"That's quite a voice you have
now listen to mine.”